The Formosa Cultural Society of Ontario has been serving the Toronto community since 1997. Since inception we have re-united local resources through a multitude of community activities and cooperative engagements with other organizations.

Our Mission:
To unite local talents and resources through providing services and events that explores and celebrates diversity in order to inspire, empower, and activate the community.

Our Vision:
To create an accommodating, sustainable community network of resources in Toronto and maintain an integrated, culturally aware environment to learn, work and play.

Our program began with maintaining a public conference room with a variety of lifestyle and educational workshops. As the Formosa Cultural Society evolved, we have extended ourselves into the community by hosting such events as: Mandarin Tour guide for ROM and Doors Open Toronto, 921 Earthquake Fundraiser, SARS Toronto Revival Campaign, Cops for Cancer, Recycling and Rummage sales, tours and cultural festivals.

We continue to garner the respect and support of the community while working cooperatively with organizations including the City of Toronto, Metropolitan Toronto Police, OPP, Harbourfront Centre, Yee-Hong Foundation, Canadian Cancer Society, I Love Toronto and Hong Fook Mental Health Association. We have established our role as a significant community contributor and will continue to develop our resources to accommodate to all community needs.

Defined as an organization rooted deeply in cultural activities, the Formosa Cultural Society of Ontario welcomes the introduction of fresh and exciting opportunities in its programming ideas for the future.

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钃悐鏂囨暀鍩洪噾鏈冩浘鑸囧鍊嬬ぞ鍗鍦橀珨鍚堜綔锛屽澶氬璀﹀療灞銆佸姞鎷垮ぇ鐧岀棁鍗旀渻銆佸鍊婀栨勘涓績 (Harbourfront Centre)銆佸悍绂忓績鐞嗗仴搴峰崝鏈冦佸鑿渻銆佹厛婵熷熀閲戞渻銆佹硶榧撳北銆侀兘鏈冨鑻戙佽嚭鐏e晢鏈冦佸彴鍟嗘渻銆佸寳缇庢床鍙扮仯濠﹀コ鏈冨強鎴戞剾澶氬锛圛 Love Toronto锛...鍚堣睛浜嗘兜鎷挵淇濄佺ぞ鏁欍佹梾閬娿佽棟鏂囥佹厛鍠勩佸仴搴峰強鏁欒偛绛夋椿鍕曪紝璁撶ぞ鍗鏇村拰璜э紝鏇寸編楹楋紟